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Perceived Value of Music Services

The thematic group “Perceived value of music services” is located at the International Design Business Management Program, coordinated by the Aalto University School of Business. Project leader is Dr. Toni-Matti Karjalainen, Research Director of IDBM. The theme group will start working in August 2014 as extension of the Tekes-funded FLUID research project (2012-2014). FLUID has explored business models and ecosystems in the gaming and music industries. In the project, and related research activities of the IDBM Program, various music-related services (music distribution, applications, technologies, information services, music games, etc.) have been touched upon. On this basis, a clear need for a deeper study into the perceived value of music services among different groups of music consumers has been identified.

The project explores how the music service experiences (and customer journey) are constructed and what types of experiences and services consumers use and look for. Research will consists of a consumer study on music consumption habits and perceived value of different (current and prospective) music-related. It includes a questionnaire-based part and a qualitative part (with individual and focus group interviews). Through the collected data, the aim is to model the various touch-points of the music services as experienced by consumers and identify what type of value is embedded in different moments and contexts of music consumption. The focus is on the consumption of popular music, in general, but the idea is also to study genre-specific differences in music consumption (that according to our observations seem to be are remarkable). As a tentative plan, we aim to explore three genres: heavy metal, indie, and mainstream pop.

The project would nurture close collaboration with the practitioner network within the music industry including, in particular, the FMS society (Finnish Music Startups), Music Finland, and the various other stakeholders of music production. The activities of the IDBM Program and the Fluid research project are embedded in multidisciplinary collaboration, and this project also has the aim to further
strengthen the multidisciplinary collaboration within Aalto University.

The results of the study will be presented in the seminars of the group and various academic outlets. Initial results may also be displayed at the “Modern heavy metal: markets, practices and cultures” international conference hosted by IDBM in June 2015.

More information: toni-matti.karjalainen(at)



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