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Open Service Innovation Observatory (OSIO)

Open Service Innovation Observatory (OSIO) is a multidisciplinary thematic group, focusing on open software, content, and data research. Our aims are to promote (1) service science research at an international level with a focus on new forms of open collaboration and (2) educational resources and tools necessary to build the skills for the new environment.

To disseminate the results of our research we present and discuss these topics in various international conferences. We also organize events to gather researchers from different disciplines to share and discuss issues related to open source, open standards and open access including open content and open data.

OSIO consists of researchers from different parts of Aalto, including Aalto University School of Business: department of Information and Service Economy, Aalto University School of Science: Sober-IT, and Aalto University School of Art and Design: Media Laboratory.


Digital Disruptions and Media event (March 2013)

Open Knowledge Festival: Open Data in Business Research Stream (September 2012), see Call for Papers

Open Data Meetup (February 2012)

Open Data Meetup (November 2011)

Open Service Innovation workshop (February 2011)


Juho Lindman, Yulia Tammisto. Definition of Open Data Services in Software Business (in progress).

Yulia Tammisto, Juho Lindman, Matti Rossi. Open Data as a Next Research Frontier in Information Systems (in progress).

Juho Lindman, Yulia Tammisto. (2011). Open Source and Open Data: Business perspectives from the frontline. 7th International Conference on Open Source Systems, 6-7.10, Salvador, Brazil.

Yulia Tammisto, Juho Lindman. (2011). Open Data Business Models. The 34th Information Systems Seminar in Scandinavia (IRIS2011). 16-19.8., Turku, Finland.

Juho Lindman, Matti Rossi, Anna Puustelli. (2011). Choosing Open Source Software License and Corresponding Business Model. To appear in IEEE Software. (Jul/Aug 2011).

Mikko Riepula. (2011). Sharing Source Code with Clients: A Hybrid Business and Development Model. To appear in IEEE Software (Jul/Aug 2011).

Juho Lindman. (2011). Not Accidental Revolutionaries: Essays on Open Source Software roduction and Organizational Change. Doctoral Dissertation. Information Systems Science, Aalto University School of Economics.

Teemu Leinonen, Jukka Purma, Hans Põldoja, Tarmo Toikkanen. (2010) Information architecture and design solutions scaffolding authoring of open educational resources. in IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies 3(2): 116-128.

Contact person: Yulia Tammisto [yulia.tammisto(at)].

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