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Aalto Apps & Os

The idea

Aalto Apps & Os project aims at promoting and integrating service and application innovations that spring up as part of campus activities (e.g. via courses and study projects) with the resources and ideas of the wider Aalto community; students in other campuses, startups, local community, etc.

According to our analysis, it seems that companies behind the leading mobile ecosystems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) have all chosen very competitive policies and are rather moving towards closed fortresses than fostering openness and collaboration. Meanwhile elsewhere, due to progress of HTML5 and the rise of new Linux based platforms (Tizen, Sailfish) we are seeing some signs of increased openness as well.

We support the latter development. We propose that instead of pursuing closed and competitive policies, to foster truly effective and long lasting user driven innovation and more sustainable services, ecosystems should be made more open and foster collaboration between different actors.

During the year 2012 in Aalto Apps project, we focused on developing tools to foster “design conversations” between users and developers. As a continuum for this, in 2013, we plan to extend our activities and start building the basic infrastructure for Aalto Apps & Os open innovation ecosystem. An important focus will be on test-driving the ideas by utilizing some parts of it in selected Aalto courses.

Aalto Apps & Os will be a very open environment. It supports those who are motivated by starting an own business, but also those who are doing “other stuff” (Os). By “other stuff” we mean work that is more experimental in character, or that aims at supporting marginal or community oriented services (e.g. third sector, NGOs, etc). We believe that campus area and study activities are natural places for ideas to be born and tested but at the moment these activities are not well connected and it is difficult to build on the work of others or even find collaborators. Thus we will focus our efforts on grass-root level by supporting teaching and learning activities. In Aalto Apps, the barrier for publishing all kinds of “stuff” will be minimized. We will build our activities on and will encourage cross-school collaboration and plan to include at least SCI, ARTS and BIZ in our teaching activities.

Aalto Apps website>>>

Contact information

In all project related matters, the main contact is researcher Kimmo Karhu (kimmo.karhu[at], 040 757 6871). You can also contact the other researchers, Andrea Botero (andrea.botero[at] ) or Sami Vihavainen (sami.vihavainen[at]

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