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Research Themes and Activities

Aalto Service Factory identifies new areas of service research and facilitates collaborative, multi-disciplinary research on services through thematic and networked research groups and activities. Its goal is to make new research findings at the forefront of service research through influential research projects.

Research Themes in 2014

  1. Aalto Apps & Os – open innovation ecosystem for Aalto community (Kimmo Karhu)
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  2. Aalto LAB Mexico (Susu Nousala)
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  3. Aalto Smart Parking Service Group (Olli Pitkänen)
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  4. CT_Commons – A Citizen Toolkit as Urban Commons (Joanna Saad-Sulonen)
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  5. Open Service Innovation Observatory (OSIO) (Yulia Tammisto)
    More information>>>
  6. Perceived value of music services (Toni-Matti Karjalainen)
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  7. SERMO – Service Modularity Enabling New Innovations, Supply Chain Sustainability and New Service Structures (Anu Bask)
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  8. Service Design With And For Citizens (with&for) (Tuuli Mattelmäki)
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  9. Talking buildings (Pedro Aibeo)
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Other supported activities in 2014


  1. A Structured Design Science Methodology for Service Operations Management: Combining Design Logic and Thinking Processes” (Johan Groop)
  2. Addressing the Challenges of Service Innovation in Platform-driven Industries (Research & Workshop) (Petra Turkama)
  3. Digital service innovations in retailing – Application to Aalto Service Factory (James Culley)
  4. Fortifying cross-disciplinary service research in the healthcare domain in Aalto University (Lauri Saviranta)
  5. Lebanon-Finland Roundtable in Aalto University (Nina Martin)
  6. Minne kasvu karkaa? Kuluttamisen ja kaupan murros (Lasse Mitronen)

Previous Research Themes

Since 2010 Aalto Service Factory has supported research as well as other education, collaboration and research related activities such as seminars and workshops. More information>>>

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