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February 3, 2011. Open Service Innovation workshop

It has become evident that few companies can continue to rely solely on their own innovation capabilities – the trend is very clearly towards more open services and emergent collaboration. Striking example of this are the operating systems for mobile phones; within only a few years the open(ed) alternatives have grown from niches to dominating the market. Consequently, there is a growing need to find new ways of opening the innovation processes and capturing the business value of contributions normally made beyond the company boundaries. The change is not only taking place in the ICT industry, but also spreading to all areas of society: Open Source, Open Content and Open Data are important parts of a rising open innovation sphere. This change has called for new, more multidisciplinary skills: to win in this kind of environment, companies must be able to combine solid business knowledge with technical and legal expertise, not to mention the emergent skills required to address the special nature of digital media and Internet-based collaboration.

During the workshop we will talk about Open Source, Open Standards, and Open Access and discuss their application in business models and strategies of companies as well as in public organizations; the benefits and drawbacks of Open and Hybrid-models; the consequences of openness to companies, organizations, society and the economy.

Three transitions are in the center of attention:
1) Transition of software markets from products-based markets to the markets dominated by services built on different open source stacks, which are being developed by both communities and companies (Open Source).
2) Transition of different content producing industries (including news and education) to more open licensing based solutions (Open Access).
3) Transition of public sector to open up its vast data archives to facilitate the creation of both commercial and community based services (Open Data).

Researchers, students, personnel from private companies and public organizations lets meet up in the spirit of open research! The event is public – open for everyone and free of charge, the registration is required.

Registration by the 1st of February via email to yulia.tammisto(at)

Organizers: Aalto Service Factory, Open Service Innovation Observatory (OSIO)
Date & Time: February 3, 2011
Location: Aalto University, Töölö campus, Helsinki (Chydenia Building, H-535 & Main Building A-401)

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