The application period for Aalto University ITP 2015 is now open (February 16, 2015)

20 years of tech, design and business talent in Finland.

Information Technology Program (ITP) is a summer program organized at the Aalto University School of Business since 1995. Loved by students and staff, each summer ITP builds a unique community of likeminded people from different disciplines and industries. ITP is open to all students from Finnish universities and Aalto partner universities. No previous tech experience needed. This summer we will be offering three different tracks:

⚛ Information & Service Business (ISB)
⚛ Strategy & Experience Design (SED)
⚛ Digital & Interactive Entertainment (DIE)

The application deadline is on March 25.

More information on Facebook>>> and ITP website>>>

Video Lecture on Self-Service and Service Management at Aalto University (February 11, 2015)

If you are interested in topical questions of academic service research, please check out the following video lecture by Professor Tomas Falk (Aalto University School of Business, Department of Marketing) regarding service management and the role of technology enable self-services:

Tomas Falk: “Customers as part-time employees – implications of self-service for service management”

The lecture was part of welcoming party for new tenure track professors at Aalto University. If you are interested to hear lectures of topical questions in other research disciplines, you can find the rest of the lectures at the welcoming party from here>>>

Real-Time Economy: Innovations for Europe Conference on April 9-10, 2015 (February 5, 2015)

Aalto Service Factory affiliate Real-Time Economy Competence Center is pleased to invite you to their Real-Time Economy (RTE) Innovations for Europe conference. The conference is organized by the RTE team together with its long-time partners.

The RTE Innovations for Europe conference probes into the future of financial processes. The event is centered around the challenges of the existing infrastructure and opportunities in the innovative ecosystems in the financial administration area.

During the event you will have an opportunity to learn about the cutting-edge developments in real-time accounting, XBRL-based government reporting, National Income Register, COREP-reporting, e-identification (e-ID), mobile financial services, and innovative services for the banking sector. The event is organized into nine roundtable sessions in three tracks: New Age of Financial Reporting, Public Sector Services and Real-Time Accounting. The panelists of the roundtable discussions are the top experts on real-time economy, including Bo Harald (Why-Advisory), Vuokko Mäkinen (Association of Finnish Accounting Firms), Fredrik Jansson (Tieto), Michal Piechocki (XBRL International) and many more.

You will have an opportunity to join in the exciting discussions and network with experts as well as peers during the cocktail event on Thursday and the conference lunch on Friday.

We are looking forward to seeing you in April. You can find more information about the event at

Nordic Independent Living Challenge Starting in January 2015 (December 22, 2014)

The Nordic population is ageing, and the demand for innovative solutions and technologies for the elderly and disabled is increasing. The five Nordic capitals have decided to address this issue together – creating a joint market for the Nordic health and welfare technology industry.

New and established innovators are invited to participate in the Nordic Independent Living Challenge. Come up with innovative and sustainable solutions that can increase the quality of life for the frail elderly and people with disabilities, and make it possible for them to live independently in their own home.

The competition runs in 4 stages from January 2015 to June 2016, and the main prize is 1 million NOK plus special awards for Nordic collaboration and for student projects. As a participant in the competition, you will be offered knowledge, mentoring, workshops, networking and test facilities. You will also get a unique opportunity to work in close collaboration with the Nordic capitals.

The challenge is open for everyone – from established welfare solution providers to students and startups. We also encourage elderly, disabled or care professionals with an innovative spirit to sign up. A good idea is simply all it takes!

For further information, please visit Nordic Independent Living Challenge webpage or read the competition slides at Slideshare

The competition will open in January 2015.

In Finland the competition is coordinated by the city of Helsinki and Forum Virium. The official launch of the Nordic Independent Living Challenge will be on January 8, 2015 starting at 14.30 in eHealth fair in the Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre.

Nordic Independent Living Challenge Promotion Event at Aalto University

Aalto Service Factory in collaboration with Forum Virium will organize an additional promotion event for the competition at Aalto Design Factory on January 30, 2015 starting at 1 PM and lasting until 4 PM. The idea of this additional promotion event at Aalto University is to involve the students and staff of Aalto to share their already produced solutions, solution proposals or ideas that could fit or be further developed to fit into the Nordic Independent Living Challenge framework.

If you as a member of Aalto University staff or student body have an idea for the competition or know someone who would haven an idea, please contact Aalto Service Factory Academic Collaboration Manager Katja Soini (katja.soini[at] | +358503744830) with a short description about the idea, your contact details and possible links to additional information by January 9, 2015. All ideas are very welcome!

Nominate Vuoden Palveluteko 2015 and The Service Thesis of the Year 2015 (December 22, 2014)

Finnish Service Alliance organizes the second annual competition for “Vuoden palveluteko”, a service award for impacting service development and service experience. Last spring the first awarded was Fira Oy for succesfully reshaping construction industry with their service- and customer-oriented business model. Additionally, the Finnish Service Alliance is launching a new competition for the Service Thesis of the Year. Winner of the both competitions will be awarded during Finnish Service Alliance’s Service Day event on March.

The receiver of Vuoden palveluteko 2015 can be a company, public service or organization, community, digital service, research group or private person. The criteria for awarding emphasizes reforming or improvement in services that has:

  • - a larger impact than a singular service event
  • - enabled an exceptionally successful service experience
  • - already portrayed practical impact
  • - occurred during years 2014 or 2015

If some new or reformed service has given a lasting positive impression, you can suggest that service as a nominee for Vuoden Palveluteko 2015 from here>>>

As of 2015 Finnish Service Alliance would like to recognize a contribution of students interested in services. The Service Thesis of the Year will award an university or university of applied sciences student and his or her supervisor for exceptional final thesis or other essay relating to services. The evaluation criteria emphasizes the scientific quality and practical contribution of the thesis from the perspective of reshaping the service research. The awarded thesis must be published during years 2014 or 2015. If you have a suitable thesis in mind, you can suggest a nominee for the Service Thesis of the Year 2015 from here>>>

Please note that the deadline for nominations for both awards is on February 16, 2015.

Act quickly and Participate! ASF Meets & Talks: Photogrammetry Evening on December 12 (December 9, 2014)

Aalto Service Factory Thematic group Architectural Democracy organizes an ASF Meets & Talks event called Photogrammetry Evening on next Friday December 12th. The event will bring 3D survey expert Hugo Pires from Portugal to explain how to make 3D models from photos and how these are being used to reveal imperceptible morphological details. The technique is called “Morphological Residual Model” and has been tested in several archaeological sites. The results are helping archaeologists to do amazing new discoveries!

Please find more information and registration instructions from here>>>

You can read more about Architectural Democracy’s research from Aalto Service Factory Blog>>>

Date & Time: December 12, 2014. Starting at 8 pm.
Place: Viipurinkatu 8, Helsinki

The Playing Finn: Breakfast Seminar on November 28 (November 10, 2014)

How are Finnish game companies developing their businesses? What is going on in the Finnish game industry ecosystem? How is Finnish metal music exported to Japan? Can a Finnish background guarantee quality? What kind of music services are being created in the turning point of the music industry and novel technologies? What underpins the success of the Finnish gaming and music industries?

The Playing Finn (published by Talentum) contains stories of Finnish creative industries: how small and novel players from a small country aim to conquer new territories through networking, collaboration and shared actions. The contents of the book are largely based on the IDBM’s FLUID Research Project (2012-2014) at Aalto University School of Business. Offering fresh, practical yet critical perspectives on the Finnish creative – particularly the gaming and music – scene, The Playing Finn illustrate what is happening within these industries and why should one follow them.

Now join us for a morning session to hear it from the authors themselves.
  • Jani Niipola: It’s Game Time, Team Finland! (Uplause and the launch of social crowd games in the NHL)
  • Anna Salo-Toyoki: Music On the Move (Taking the music industry to the next level)
  • Miikka J. Lehtonen: The Ecosystem Is Dead; Long Live the Ecosystem (A visual journey to game industry ecosystems in Helsinki and Tokyo)
  • Toni-Matti Karjalainen: Trashing Tribe in Tokyo! (A story about Finnish metal and cultural export)
  • Rodrigo Cervantes: Gone With the Indie (Business models and Finnish game developers)
  • Laura Laaksonen: Towards the American Dream (Finns in the creative industry in Los Angeles)
9:00-9:30 Breakfast is served
9:30-11:00 Talks take place
11:00-12:00 Discussion and networking

Registration: This is an open event but would you be so kind to register here (or alternatively send an e-mail to anna.salo[at] so we can reserve enough breakfast goodies for everyone. Also due to the capacity of the lecture room we are forced to limit the number of participants to 45.


This event is organized as a part of ASF Meets&Talks seminar series.

Aalto Service Factory Networking Evening on November 12 Has Been Moved to Chydenia Building (October 29, 2014)

Contrary to the earlier information Aalto Service Factory Networking Evening is to be hosted at Chydenia building bottom floor cafeteria (Runeberginkatu 22-24, Helsinki) on November 12, 2014 starting at 5 pm.

Please remember to register for the event here>>>

Newest ASF Blog Post Is About Open Data (October 28, 2014)

Check out the newest blog post at Factory Service Factory Blog. The post is written by Juho Lindman, assistant professor of information system science in Svenska Handelhögskolan (Hanken). The topic in this post is service creation from open data and challenges associated with it. Please note that the post is in Finnish as usual. Enjoy!

You can find the blog post from here>>>

Welcome to Aalto Service Factory Networking Evening on November 12, 2014 (October 14, 2014)

Come to hear and discuss interesting research done at Aalto University and to network with the Aalto service researchers as well as other practitioners who share your interest in services!

  • - The evening focuses on the service research done by Aalto Service Factory sponsored research groups.
  • - Fear not; the event does not have a single Powerpoint presentation. The research groups have prepared a poster showcasing their research. You can to stop by any interesting posters and discuss it first hand with the researchers.
  • - Posters will be in English. Discussion, however, you can do in Finnish or English.
  • - Wine and salad will be served.

Date & Time: Wednesday, November 12, 17:00 – 19.00
Place: Aalto School of Business, Chydenia building, bottom floor cafeteria (Runeberginkatu 22-24, Helsinki)

N.B. The venue has changed to Chydenia building (Runeberginkatu 22-24, Helsinki)

Registration: Please register here for the event.

Aalto Service Factory sponsored research groups in 2014 are:

  • - Aalto Apps & Os – open innovation ecosystem for Aalto community
  • - Aalto LAB Mexico
  • - Aalto Smart Parking Service Group
  • - CT_Commons – A Citizen Toolkit as Urban Commons
  • - Open Service Innovation Observatory (OSIO)
  • - Perceived value of music services
  • - SERMO – Service Modularity Enabling New Innovations, Supply Chain Sustainability and New Service Structures
  • - Service Design With And For Citizens (with&for)
  • - Talking buildings

Learn more about the research groups HERE>>>

For more information, please contact:

Minna-Kaarina Forssén Esko Penttinen
Business Collaboration Manager Research Manager
050-407 1430 040-575 4520
minna-kaarina.forssen[at] esko.penttinen[at]

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