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Teaching Cases in Services

Title Short Description Contact Person in Aalto Format Publication Outlet / Link
F-Secure Corporation: Software as a Service (SaaS) in the Security Solutions Market Describes the development of a business model based on “software as a service” (SaaS) for security solution distributed through Internet Service Providers (ISPs). F-Secure disruptively entered a mature business with dominant players by executing an innovative new service model. The case describes the challenges involved in developing and executing the new service model and offers students opportunities to discuss the evolving challenges the company faces looking forward. Esko Penttinen
Traditional HBS teaching case Harvard Business School
Case S-Group: Rethinking Internal Financial Reporting Processes The case analyzes internal reporting services at S-Group, a Finnish co-operative in trading services. The case describes the challenges related to internal sales reporting in the challenging context of a co-operative where the co-operatives are relatively independent in organizing their reporting processes. Esko Penttinen
Traditional teaching case format Unpublished / Contact author
XBRL to Enhance External Financial Reporting – Should We Implement or Not? – Case Company X The growing use of eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) represents a fundamental change for financial information flows. XBRL has already been put to practical use in a number of countries, including implementations to the financial processes of non-listed companies. This fictional case is designed to help students to identify the benefits of the XBRL. In addition, it helps students to create knowledge on the different strategies of XBRL implementation, and to apply this knowledge when making investment decisions on accounting information processes. Esko Penttinen
Traditional teaching case format Journal of Accounting Education 32 (2014), pp. 160-170
Finncontainers: Estimating the Environmental Effect of Green Information Systems / E-invoicing This case proposes that the environmental benefits of IT enabled business process improvements could be best determined through comparing carbon footprints of the old (mainly manual) and new (electronic) processes. In this particular case, a logistics company Finncontainers is eager to persuade its suppliers to shift to electronic invoicing and wants to add environment on the list of benefits of automated accounting. Esko Penttinen
The Case Centre teaching case format The Case Centre case no. 413-035 / Contact author
Service Design for Youth Development: Collaboration with Municipality and NGO The case applies Service Design for solving recent problems concerning social exclusion of young people in Finland. This real design project was provided for student groups to learn complexity of public service development and to develop their skills for collaborating with public sector and challenging user groups. Jung-Joo Lee
Design project case Unpublished
Should I Outsource Accounting Tasks and Move to the Cloud? – Case Kluuvin Apteekki This teaching case considers Kluuvin Apteekki, a small pharmacy business whose CEO faces critical decisions whether or not (1) to outsource its accounting processes and (2) to start using cloud-based accounting information systems. The main learning outcome of the case is related to the development of the skills and competencies in creating a strong business case for the IT-enabled business process outsourcing based on the selected literature and prior experience. Aleksandre Asatiani
Esko Penttinen
Traditional teaching case format Proceedings of the 22nd European Conference on Information Systems, 2014
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