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Doctoral education and courses

TU 124.7400 Co-Design in Service Innovation (January, 2014 – March, 2014)

Aalto University Doctoral Seminar 5–8 ECTS

Design has risen as a new approach for the conception of services and products. But what is it exactly that design brings to the fore and what can be learned from it? How important are the design, co-design, participatory design and co-creation approaches for developing successful services and what are their differences? How much new and how much fad is there? This doctoral seminar aims to answer these questions.

The seminar is focusing on the use of co-design and co-creation approaches and methodologies for the development of innovative services. It is organized and financed by the Aalto Service Factory within the thematic group “Service Design With and For Citizens”. The course is aimed at Aalto doctoral students across all schools and disciplines.

The course is interdisciplinary and will use literature and examples from Design, Engineering, Marketing and Service Science, and could extend to Architecture and Urban Design. The format of the seminar is extremely interactive and participants will be required to contribute to the development of knowledge in this emergent field that encompasses many perspectives, among others co-design, participatory design, service innovation, service marketing and process development.

Registration: Oodi & Course details: Noppa

More information: TU-124-7400_Co-Design-Service-Innovation_2014_Brochure

Contact organizers:

Olivier Irrmann, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, SimLab & Tuuli Mattelmäki, Department of Design.
Course assistant: Anne Kokkonen, Industrial Engineering and Management, SimLab.

E-mail organizers:


37E460 Research Methods in Information Systems Science

6 credit points, grading: approved / failed

The purpose of this course is to offer an overview of conducting ISS research and the most common and useful empirical research methods used throughout the field.

The course is organized as a series of 1-2 day seminars. Each seminar includes pre-readings and/or assignments, which together with class attendance constitutes 1 study credit. In order to complete the course, minimum of six (6) of these seminars need to be completed successfully. Students are, however, encouraged to attend all the seminars, even if only handing in assignments for the minimum of six.

Registration: Register for the course in Oodi. More information about how to register to each separate module will be available in Noppa.


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