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Forms of Collaboration

The collaboration with Aalto University in the field of services can be of all sorts depending on the needs: do you want to…

… influence or be involved with the future research directions and focus areas for services?

You can attend service-related events for networking and active discussions. Subscribe to the ASF eNewsletter to stay tuned and to book the important dates into your calendar early enough.

… share own experiences and expertize

You can provide cases for education purposes. Cases are complex real-life problems with a description of the context. Cases are usually written by the faculty but preferably in a cooperation of the company, which can provide relevant documentation and other material to support the case description. Learning by using cases is an interactive process, where the students explore and analyze the problem from different perspectives.

You are welcome to give guest lectures. The emphasis in your presentation can be in applying theories in practice, or in your expertize area in general.

Whether you were interested in case education or guest lectures, you can have a look at service-related educational activities in Aalto or contact us and we can help you to find a match.

Students are always looking for relevant and inspiring topics for their theses. A thesis in the Master’s program includes both theoretical and empirical part of a research, whereas a thesis in the Bachelor’s program is briefer and narrower to some extent. You can contact Aalto Career Services to publish your thesis topic in Aalto CareerWeb, a popular online job board for students in the Aalto University. Or, you can contact us if you want find a professor with whom you can talk about your topic’s applicability for a thesis.

… contribute in creating new knowledge and be one jump ahead of the competitors

Participation in research projects with a long-term focus provides strategic insight and knowledge. Research results can offer frameworks and theories to conceptualize and outline the business problems.

… learn and educate the personnel in your company?

Aalto University Executive Education (Aalto EE) offers high-quality executive education services supported by the competence of Aalto University. Services are well present in the offerings of Aalto EE. An open program called ‘Leading Service Business’ is designed to address the challenging aspects of services: innovation, business models, service design and leading people. Aalto EE provides also customized solutions in which a company’s needs are taken into account even better.

Aalto University Professional Development (Aalto PRO) offers practical-oriented professional education services in the forms of open courses and company-specific training. It is a merger of the functions of TKK Dipoli, Lahti Centre of the Aalto University School of Engineering, education, training and development services at the Aalto University School of Art and Design, and Aalto Open University. Services play an important role in the course syllabus of Aalto PRO.

… solve a service-related business problem?

The research projects in Aalto do not solve problems of single companies but focus on more general research question. However, sometimes service-related business problems – depending on the size and nature of the problem – can be studied in customized student business projects or as a part of a course. Sometimes, service-related business problem can also suit as a topic for a thesis.

Aalto EE and AaltoPRO can also provide company-specific services.

… find the talented young students for recruiting purposes

In addition to the yearly Aalto-level recruiting events, i.e. Arena Career Fair and TalentIT, Aalto Service Factory hosts an event called ‘Young Student Go Services’. In this event, the significance of services is discussed with students, teachers, and company representatives. The students can find out how to study services in Aalto and where to be employed after the studies.

As always, being present at different courses as a guest lecturer or a visiting expert allows you to meet our students and to make contacts with them.

… build its image as an academically aware service organization

Subscribe to the eNewsletter, join the mailing list, follow the upcoming events and participate the most interesting ones in order to meet researchers and peers.

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