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Business Advisory Board

From the beginning of 2012, Aalto Service Factory tightens the contacts with business and economy by having established a Business Advisory Board. The Business Advisory Board is a resourceful and proactive body for promoting business collaboration with and for the Aalto Service Factory community. Its purpose is to discuss the research and education in Aalto University in the field of service, to bring in new initiatives and proposals, and to give insight on several issues, including:

- Where the future research in the field of service should be directed from a practitioner’s point of view?
- How to present the research results in a way that really interests the practitioners?
- What is the value of the research for practitioners? How to exploit the research results in practice?
- What kind of cooperation and collaboration is needed?

In 2014, the Board has eight members.

Mr. Christian Lindholm, CEO, Koru Lab; Business Advisory Board chairman

Ms. Jaana Auramo, Palvelujohtaja, Tekes

Ms. Pia Erkinheimo Head of Crowds&Communities, Digile

Mr. Markku Uitto, Managing director, The Association of Finnish Technical Traders

Mr. Iiro Salkari, Vice president, VTT

Ms. Sari Kuusela, HR Director, Lähitapiola

Mr. Jyrki Koskinen, University Relations IBM

Mr. Antti Koskelin, CIO, Konecranes

Business Advisory board members in 2014 from left to right: Pia Erkinheimo, Jyrki Koskinen, Markku Uitto, Minna-Kaarina Forssén (ASF Business Collaboration Manager) Jaana Auramo, and Christian Lindholm.

More information: Minna-Kaarina Forssén, Business Collaboration Manager, Aalto Service Factory [minna-kaarina.forssen(at)]

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